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Restaurant Owners!!! You need an App!


Let’s be honest, we’ve all been that situation, a quiet room just before lunch and your stomach decides now is the opportune time to let you know it’s hungry with a low, heavy grumble. You try to play it off, fingers crossed that not everyone in the room heard.

Given it’s 2015, you’ll probably pull out your phone to avoid the awkward grumble and aimlessly search for a way to curb your hunger. Hopefully there’s an app for that — or at least there should be.

A mobile app for a restaurant can help in the hunger games (pun intended). Not only will it provide an outlet for you to connect with customer and grow marketing channels, it also calls for customer retention, the ability to book more reservations, and much more. For restaurants in particular, mobile apps offer a ton of awesome features to boost business in a cost-effective manner.

Keep Reading to see these awesome features:

5 Reasons your restaurant needs to create an App!

Restaurant App
  1.  Push notifications – What are push notifications? They’re small messages similar to text messages that are sent to everyone who has your iPhone application downloaded. These can be used to message out deal notifications and keep customers informed on your restaurant. Let them know about Taco Tuesday or thirsty Thursday – the options are endless. 
  2. Full menu within 2 touches – How many times has someone called with questions about your food? With an iPhone app – you can include your entire menu or drinks, food, specials, wines, basically anything your restaurant has. 
  3.  Word of mouth – When you create an iPhone application – it creates a buzz of it’s own. Your competitor doesn’t have an iPhone application and your customers with iPhones simply love their phones. Use mobile marketing to spark word of mouth. 
  4.  Your customers are willing to put your business in their pocket – A lot of your customers have iPhones and they love downloading and using apps. If you have customers who are willing to walk around with your business in your pocket you should DEFINITELY take advantage of this opportunity. In fact, you’d be crazy not to. 
  6.  If you receive 2 orders via your App a month it is paid for! – An iPhone application could be one of the most cost effective marketing tools available. It only take a couple orders a month to pay for you App. We will go out on a limb and say that you will get many more orders than 2 a month. What if you received 10, 20 or 30 a day? That is a pretty good Rate or Return on your investment! 


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