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Mobile Apps and Real Estate, a Match Made in Heaven


Modern real estate is all about the user. No one attends open houses anymore without checking Zillow, Realtor or another real estate database. Real estate agents and properties, much like the restaurant industry, must work to differentiate itself in the market. Signs outside the houses and print ads just won’t cut it anymore; there’s no way to track these efforts besides attendees of open houses, so why gamble? Don’t. Go mobile.

A mobile app for an agent, or their firm, would drastically distinguish them from the rest of the industry. As more and more time is spent on the phone, users want their search to be easy and not in a silly newspaper or tabloid. You, the realtor, need to think outside of the box and get yourself a mobile app. It’s the way of the future as well as the present.

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Your App – Give them a reason to keep it

apple The year was 1995. Apple was only a fruit, Android’s were R2D2 and C-3PO, and the only place you saw an app was on a restaurant menu. Fast forward 20 years and I here sit, typing on an Apple while I simultaneously, and aimlessly, scroll through apps on my iPhone bringing the 2015 version of multitasking full circle. A lot can happen in 20 years, and a lot has, but there was one major change that defined the generation: the Internet. With the introduction of this powerful gizmo came the ability for businesses, organizations and individuals alike to grow exponentially. Next came the age of the website with a main focus of separating a business apart from its competitors while engaging with its target audience. And while websites are still great, the story of their dominance is quickly coming to an end as mobile apps begin their rise. But what does this new direction mean?

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